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In the aftermath, aren't we all asking ourselves this question? 
How do I prepare for a monster like Matthew?
Another tragic and catastrophic event for the citizens of Haiti - just missing the East Coast of the U.S. by the hair of our chinny chin chin. 

Since you never know if, when and what’s coming, I want to share with you what I believe is the #1 key element to help you survive at home or in case of evacuation. 

So, it's a given that a human being can only survive a few days without water.  

Making sure you have a bullet proof, portable water filtration system has got to be your number one priority.
While water storage is great, you can't take it with you. 
If you’re sheltering in place – thumbs up! 

Water storage, if left in tact, can be AWESOME!

But, as with Hurricane Matthew, check out the number of disasters happening in the US where people are asked to evacuate? 

It's becoming a common occurrence! So many floods and hurricanes, wildfires, etc. are forcing families from their homes.
While you may think I’m going to bore with a few mundane facts – these are actually the key to survival, vs well, serious illness and even death.
This is where Survival 101 begins...
Source a portable water filtration system that really works. 
I know this sounds easy enough, but...
Let me be blunt: 
Many water filters on the market today DO NOT WORK.
Now, I'm assuming since you're on this site, emergency preparedness is important to you.  So check this out...
FACT: The Environmental Protection Agency “EPA” has strict standards about what a portable water filter is required to do.

FACT: They do not have the funds or manpower to enforce these standards.

FACT: Many water filtration manufacturers have figured this out and put a bunch of false claims on their labels.

So what you think your water filter can do - may just be a load of crap.

In other words – reading the label means nothing, nada – doesn’t necessarily tell you a thing.
So, here's the good news - somebody finally decided to look in to this... 
Along comes Sagan Industries. A couple of good guys who wanted to create their own water filter, so they began researching some of these so called ‘wonder filters’. 

The ones which will filter over 100,000 gallons. Yeah, those...

The ones who have filters which last forever - and don't ever need to be replaced. Uh huh. 

And what they uncovered was a real eye opener! 

As you might suspect, these filters failed test, after test, after test. 

We won’t mention names... but check the website to see the water filters test results before you buy. 

Or if you already own a filter and can’t get independent EPA certified water lab test results - think twice about using that filter in an emergency. 
So lesson learned here...

When it comes to your family's safety ask questions.

Don't assume just because it's on the label it's true. 
What Sagan did next changed the water filtration industry forever. 
Here's the missing link which will turn your Emergency Plan into a comfort zone. 

Something that's going to make your preparedness plan confidence SKY ROCKET!!!

Something I personally did and REALLY FEEL GREAT about... ...and I know you will too!!!

Let me share with you the #1 Emergency Preparedness
Solution that changed everything for me -

and will change everything for you. 
But before I do... I want to say Hi!
I'm April Muir.
Wife, Mom, Grammy and Emergency Preparedness NINJA!
I - like you - believe being prepared is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family!
Especially in this day and age. 

Look around!!! 

Unfortunately, the world we live in is a walking time bomb for a crap ton of stuff just waiting to happen... 

There's more flooding, wild fires, earthquakes, hurricanes and random violence in the US everyday ...

not to mention the political 'wild fires', and, of course, the very real threat of terrorism. 

Honestly, isn't it only a matter of time for all of us? Something WILL happen, maybe not the likes of Matthew, but something we will need to be prepared for. 
But I have to say - 

I have so much confidence in this one small step- 

It has made me into the Preparedness NINJA I am today. 

And will give you the same tremendous confidence when disaster strikes. 
On a scale of 1- 10, 10 being UBER PREPARED - How Prepared Are You???
Our entire city went through a terrible fire storm. 

It was the scariest thing I had ever experienced.  

The skies all around us were black with smoke. 

Soot and ashes covered our cars. 

It was nearly impossible to breathe outside. 

Neighborhoods around us were burning to the ground. 

So many areas of city were burning, we had no idea where we would go if we had to evacuate. 

Eventually, we, along with tens of thousands of other families were asked to evacuate our homes. 

Well, I thought I was pretty well set. 

We grabbed our go bags, and extras on our last-minute list...

along with a few of our most precious treasures -

and left. 

I can't tell you the sick feeling of wondering if you would come back to find your home... 
...or just ashes. 
But the worst part was leaving behind so many of our 'preparedness necessities'. 

We took a ton of freeze dried food, but cans were out of the question.
We couldn't take our comfy sleeping bags. 
"This wasn't like I imagined. Kind of like going on a last minute camp out. There was smoke, fear and panic everywhere."
That's what perplexed me the most. We could't take our water storage. 

The element of preparedness I KNEW WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT! 

Sure, we had a couple cases of water bottles in the trunk. 

But the two 55 gallons drums of water in our garage were now worthless to us. 

The 100+ plastic milk bottles full of water to use for toilet water, etc. were left behind. 

We were terrifying short on our most precious, life - saving commodity - WATER.
This... after all my careful planning and hours of preparation. 
To make things worse, water was scarcest thing available at the evacuation center.  

The municipal water system had gone down and there were warnings Ecoli might be present in the water!!!
So, we had plenty of freeze dried food... nothing to prepare it with, 

nothing to wash my kids faces with, 

nothing to drink – except two cases of water bottles for all 5 of us...

as the fires continued to blaze all around us. 
It was tough. When one of my kids said to me "Mommy I'm thirsty" I had to just give her a tiny sip of water - to make our supplies last as long as we needed.

It was hard rationing water between my kids. It was a terrible feeling.

We were all hot and thirsty. Temperatures during the day were in the 90's - that heat, coupled with the strong winds, just fueled the fires.

All my carefully crafted emergency preparedness was a bit of a bust. 
"What good was all my water storage doing me now...???"
Thankfully, we were blessed that day. 

We returned to our home within 36 hours. 

All was well for us. 

Many of our neighbors – even on the same - block had lost everything. 

Their homes were nothing but ashes. 

I knew from that moment on, I would never put my kids, my husband and myself in this position again. 
There had to be a solution - a way I could access safe water where ever I went. 

Something I could easily take with me everywhere. 

I set on a mission to get my preparedness plan back to 100%... 

I never wanted to see that thirsty look in my kids eyes again."
So I am sure you're wondering... didn't she have the water purification drops???
She did…    

The little straw you can use to drink water from a creek or stream? 

Had that too, but did you know if you drop it, it may not work? 

Even the most microscopic crack in the filter will allow bacteria, such as E-coli, to sneak through. 

No way she was taking a chance on that.
Yep. She had it all. 

But we realized once we were in the REAL WORLD facing an emergency – 

and especially E-coli - these products were not enough! 
So, what does this have to do with Sagan and water filter testing? 
This disaster happened in our neck of the woods. The concern the Sagan team felt for all of their friends and neighbors who had lost everything is what spurred them on to find a solution... 

... something life altering had to be done to help families get through these types of disasters - to survive. 
The reason my friends preparedness plan had failed was not her fault. If you're in the same boat - it's not your fault either.  
We do our best with the information we’re given – and I am glad to be able to share these ‘trial run’ failures with you.  
Any holes in your preparedness plan are not because you didn't put in the time and effort. 


So the more Sagan researched water filters, the more disheartened they became - even shocked! 

Basically NONE of the water filter manufacturers could provide the details to back the claims of what their water filters could do.

And these were the companies making some pretty outrageously cool claims! 

Who wouldn't want the water filter that worked for a 100,000 gallons!?!?!

But some had tested a few gallons of water one time and were claiming it worked for 100,000 gallons??? 

Ummm, how do they know????

Some didn’t test at all,  and...

Some wouldn’t release their test results claiming it was confidential info. Hmmm. REALLY???
Well, the guys from Sagan are not rocket scientists... 
...but this was becoming a glaring case of consumers being terribly mislead.   

It became apparent that when companies want to sell you something, they may leave out key elements - 

maybe stretch the truth a bit. Or in some cases they just out and out lie. 

And unfortunately, all of the above appeared to be true in the search for Safe Water. 

Finding a portable water filter that actually did what it said it would do had become a real challenge. 

The almighty dollar had become more important than the needs of the consumer. 
As I mentioned, a Government Agency called the 

Environmental Protection Agency "EPA" 

had dropped the ball. 

Now it wasn’t entirely their fault. 

They have very specific guidelines as to what a personal water filter should do. 

But like a lot of areas of the government things are not running smoothly.

The EPA does not have the man power or funding to ENFORCE the personal water filter guidelines.
So - here's the BOTTOM line - 
and you really want to pay attention to this.

Water filter companies can claim WHATEVER they want about their water filters - and there is no one to question it. 

Can you see the dilemma this puts all of us in?  
We try so hard to get the right plan in order to protect ourselves and our families... 

...and are not getting the TRUTH ABOUT HOW WATER FILTERS - which we may need to survive - will actually perform!!!

...and decided to do something about it. 

So they have spent the next 3 years creating and testing water filters which do EXACTLY what they claim to do!  


They had EPA Certified Water Filtration Laboratories test, and retest their water filters...
Until finally SUCCESS!

So you KNOW FOR CERTAIN if you are stranded sheltering at home or have to cram your family into the car and go - this is the number one piece of emergency gear you want to have. 

The water filters they created work flawlessly and they have test results to prove it.  

Then, to make all water filter manufacturers accountable for their claims...
"END OF LIFE TESTING" (in a nut shell)

- The lab takes millions of particles of bacteria, virus and other contaminants and puts them into the water to be tested.  

- Then runs that gross stuff (the equivalent of sewage water) through the filter being tested. 
- After 25 gallons, they check the results. 

- If the bacteria, virus, etc., is absent from the water - meaning the filter is working... 

 - They spike the water with another big dose of bacteria, virus, and germy scum and keep testing the same filter. 

 - They continually re-contaminate the water every 25 gallons and continue testing the same filter. 

 - As long as the water is absent of all the contaminants they continue testing. 
 When this filter is no longer providing

pure enough water to meet EPA


 it has reached its “End of Life”.

So using the New Standard and "End of Life"

Testing, and the best EPA Certified Water

Labs available they began to produce their own water filters. 
Tests proved these filters successfully removed: 
Virus, Bacteria, Giardia, Crytosporidium,  Fluoride, Chlorine and tons of other toxins.
They published the lab results from these tests to the public.  Full disclosure! 
Sagan Industries had created water filtration products which have the most well thought out design, effectiveness and awesome results of any water filters on the market today. 
And not only do these great filters work for survival and emergency preparedness... they are the best for camping, hiking, backpacking, boating, all outdoor adventures and everyday use!
Ideal for Camping, Hiking, Backpacking & Everyday Use! 
Multi-taskers!  I was thrilled!!!  
So here it is! 
The key element to help you SURVIVE a disaster at home and in an evacuation. 
The Solution that's going to make your Preparedness Plan Confidence 

Something I REALLY Feel great about - and I know you will to. 
Now you can be 100% confident about the water your family is drinking... 
in an emergency; on camping trips; backpacking; hiking 
and most of all - every day! 
It took Sagan four years to perfect these products. 
Now this epiphany in the personal water filtration market did not happen overnight. 
It took hundreds of tests, trials, failures, retesting, more failures and finally SUCCESS! to make sure these filters do EXACTLY what they say what they will do.   
The amount of money they spent to perfect their results was in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.   

Kind of explains why more companies don't have this kind of performance proof! 

So now  - you have it easy! 

Feel great about the quality of water you're drinking - 


in an emergency,

and while camping, hiking, enjoying the outdoors!

All of the research, time, money and energy to develop what you've been looking for... 

has been done!
What took Sagan™ 3 years to develop can be yours NOW!!! 
Order this today, have it on hand right away - and be ready like a
 NINJA for any emergency that comes along.
Don't miss this amazing opportunity to...
  •  Have the most effective water filtration system on the market, so you’ll be able to provide safe water for your family from any non salt water source. Anytime - anywhere.
  •   Just grab it and “GO” - a water filter which easily fits in your car or can be carried, so you won’t need to worry about water storage you may be leaving behind. 
  •   In fact, since it’s filtration properties are so effective, you don’t need to worry about having tons of water storage. You’ll now be able to filter water when you need it.
  •   It filters .75 gallons of water every minute! So why wait for water???
  •   And you can keep a complete AB System in each car with an extra filter. 
  •   Are you beginning to see how this can change your life???
The AquaBrick is not just for emergencies...
The AquaBrick Water Filtration System is not just for emergencies – you can use it for camping, hiking, boating, and all outdoor adventures! So, don't have to lug tons of water on camping trips. 

The AquaBrick is not just for Outdoor Adventures... 
You may think I'm crazy, but I decided to put my health before my decor! I use my AquaBrick IN MY KITCHEN everyday to fill water bottles, cook, drink - everything. 

I want to provide the Purest Water for my family everyday, so I filter tap water.

Did You Know Tap Water contains Fluoride, Arsenic, Traces Of Pharmaceuticals, Chloroform, Halo-acetic Acids & Nitrates. All can cause Cancer and DNA damage!
This is me! I'm bold about it! I use it for drinking, cooking, smoothies - everything! 
But, if you want to be sneaky... see the black spigot by the pitcher? My sink is just off to the left. 
It's pretty easy to hide! Just refill every couple days and you're good to go!
No moving parts. Easy to Use. 
Filters water FAST!
Simply replace the DuraFlo™ Filter (shown inside the brick) every 500 - 700 gallons, depending on the type of water you are filtering. 
What it removes and how much...
                       99.9999% of Bacteria
                        99.99% of Virus
                        99.9% of Cryptosporidium / Giardia
                        97. % of Fluoride
So get yourself and family ready for the unexpected today! 
 I want to offer you the opportunity to get the 
AquaBrick™ Water Filtration System 
into your hands, and start enjoying the benefits of safe, pure water all the time...
 Anytime - Anywhere!  
BIGGIE: The DuraFlo™ Filter works in many counter top water filters, such as Berkey®, Doulton® and AquaRain! 
Your counter top filter just became the bomb! 
The AquaBrick™ Water Filtration System includes: 
1 AquaBrick™ Container, 
1 DuraFlo™ Water Filter (treats 550 / 700 gallons), 
1 hand pump, 
1 spigot, tubing, 
1 AquaFunnel
The AquaBrick™ Water Filtration System
Get extra AquaBrick™ Containers for Stackable Storage 
The AquaBrick™ Water Filtration System retails $249.99
So, a couple quick questions... 
 - If all this did for you was give you peace of mind that you'll always be able give your kids safe drinking water would it be worth the $249.99?
 - If all this did was give you the peace of mind knowing you had the RIGHT THING with your emergency gear, would it be worth this small investment?  

 - If all this did was make your camping trips so much easier because you no longer had to pack tons of water and squeeze it into your SUV - wouldn't it be worth it? 
 - If all this did was to make your family healthier and more energized on a daily basis, wouldn't it be worth the $249.99? 

 - If all this did was take fluoride and so many other toxins out of your drinking water, would that bring huge value to your family?  

Of course it would...   
Can you see how beneficial the AquaBrick™ Water Filtration System can be in your life? To your family???
So, If you said yes to even one of statements above, then I'm really excited for you - because I'm going to give you a super awesome deal. 
We'll send you the entire 
AquaBrick™ Water Filtration System 
(including shipping costs) 
for only $197
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You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING TO GAIN with our GUARANTEE 
No Questions Asked Guarantee
If you are not happy with your AquaBrick™ Water Filtration System for any reason, let us know within 30 days and we will gladly refund your money. Just send us an email and we will process your refund right away without any hassle...
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Now this offer is only good for a limited time!!!

Sagan™ has agreed to let us sell the AquaBrick™ System for $197 only for a very limited time.
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Think about all the benefits of having such a great water filter...
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Now is the time! 

I am so glad I have my AquaBrick™ Water Filtration System and so happy to be able to offer this great deal to you! 

And while one sale is not going to make a huge difference in my life;

it's going to make a huge difference in yours! 
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All the best,
April Muir
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